Downingtown Native Trains Muay Thai in ThailandDragon Gym Kru Muay Thai Kickboxing is a straight up, no-nonsense, REAL kick boxing program in Exton, PA minutes from West Chester and Downingtown. We train full contact fighters, beginners and everyone in between. Students can expect to get a great workout, understanding of striking fundamentals and knowledgeable instruction from certified and field tested instructors. Classes are held six days a week.

Style – There are many different styles of kickboxing available; however, the most effective and devastating of them all is Muay Thai or Thai Boxing.

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What you will learn

Footwork- This is the most basic and important part of Kickboxing. Learning how to properly move, close distance and create distance is the essence of all martial arts

Punches- Whether it is a jab, cross, hook or uppercut you will learn the proper way to throw effective hand strikes with pinpoint accuracy

Kicks- High kicks, low kicks and teeps(push kicks) are an effective way to create distance from an attacker and to easily dismantle them at the same time

Knees and Elbows- This is what separates Muay Thai from everything else. No other Martial Art usesKnees and elbows as effectively as Thai Boxing.

Clinch- When it too close to kick or punch is when we use the world famous ÒThai ClinchÓ. Pulling in your opponent and controlling their head, neck and shoulders allows you to, in turn, control their whole body.

There are many more aspects of Thai Boxing that students will experience that cannot be expressed in words. You will learn more about yourself than you ever knew possible. Build friendships and experience true teamwork. It is often said that when a student discovers Muay Thai the also discover themselves at the same time.

The Instructor

Downingtown Native Trains Muay Thai in Thailand

Master Lonnie Beck began his training at Dragon Gym in 1990 at the age of ten. Since then he has trained directly under Grandmaster Chae T. Goh and Master Somnath Sikdar in Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido and has earned the rank of 4th Degree Black Belt. In addition to his traditional training, Master Lonnie has also trained extensively in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu where he has earned the rank of Blue Belt in addition to his years of experience in Muay Thai kickboxing under the auspice of Kru Ace Ramirez. He has also traveled to Thailand to train as a student at the exclusive Rawai Muay Thai Camp in Phuket.

Master Lonnie is the head instructor of Dragon Gym’s Pee Wee Program, Junior Black Belt’s, Junior Elite/Instructor Program and the Dragon Gym/KRU Muay Thai Program. His passion for teaching is evident each and every class and students can always expect to be welcomed into the group like family no matter the program they are interested in.

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Praise and Success Stories for Dragon Gym’s Muay Thai Kick Boxing Classes and Program

Rizwan Khokhar — West Chester, PA

I started at Dragon Gym in April of 2011 in the Muay Thai program. When I started I
was pretty out of shape. I was not doing any regular physical activity and weighed 268 lbs. My diet was not helping the situation as I was basically eating whatever I wanted to all the time. It was not easy, but after the first few months I could start seeing changes. I was working hard at the gym and it was paying off. As of right now,

I am around 240 lbs. I feel tremendously better and am able to do things I could not do last year. I think the biggest impact Dragon Gym has had on me has been mentally. The way the Muay Thai program is taught is extremely helpful inside and outside the gym. When you think of Muay Thai, people may think that it is something like a “self-defense” class or just a workout. There are several different techniques in Thai Boxing which are not easy to learn or execute correctly. It is strange to describe it, but it is a lot easier to learn it because of the methods used for teaching it. I am not just standing in front of a heavy bag and kicking it over and over. The movements are all broken down and gone over.

Once I actually started getting it, my confidence went through the roof. I now have the ability, mentally, to overcome any challenge. Whether it is in the gym and learning something new or at work and being faced with obstacles, I am able to say I can do it! I think Dragon Gym is the best place for any individual to go and achieve personal goals. A person could come in and start Muay Thai, or any of the other teachings at any point and go to any other gym. There is one aspect which I do not think can be found at too many places. Dragon Gym is a family!

When I initially started, I did not know any of the people I was training with.

However, I was welcomed with open arms.

There was no judgment being passed. If I was doing something wrong, somebody was always there to help out. There was no selfishness or people saying “I am better than you”. All this led to an amazing journey which is still being continued. This program has changed my life completely and I can honestly say I would not have been able to make these changes without the support of Dragon Gym and Coach Lonnie Beck. You gain much more than training partners her, you gain and family members!

Alex Muller — Downingtown, PA

I have been a member of Dragon Gym Muay Thai for almost 2 years. I learned about the Muay Thai program from a neighbor who was taking kettle bell classes there. He told me they taught Muay Thai. I knew about Muay Thai but had never studied the discipline before. I had no experience with striking but was excited to get started. I scheduled my quick start program the next day! My first lesson was with Coach Lonnie. I was immediately hooked. The great thing about the quick start program is your given the basic background on the types of strikes you’ll be using in a very small group setting, for mine it was me and one other student. You get the attention and instruction you need to establish a base for what you will learn next.

I was interested in the Muay Thai for a few reasons, the first is for self-defense. I am a police officer and while I grew up competing in wrestling and Judo I have never done any type of striking. I wanted to learn how to fight standing up, I have knowledge and experience for what can happen if a fight goes to the ground. My main concern was defending against punches. I figured Muay Thai would be great because while I am learning to attack with punches, kicks, elbows and knees I would also be learning how to defend against them.

I also learned proper footwork which has always been a week spot for me in all sports. I learned that footwork above all can help you win or lose a fight. I also loved the sparring aspect because it’s one thing to hit a stationary bag that doesn’t hit you back, but when you are sparring another person that is throwing punches, kicks and knees to all parts of your body you discover a lot about yourself. I am now confident that if I get into a fight I will at the very least be able to defend myself.

I also wanted to get involved for health reasons. I can easily say that I have one of the worst work schedules around and I find it hard to juggle work, family and the gym. Luckily for me classes are held 6 days a week so I can always squeeze in one or two classes. I started the program at 240 pounds, the classes along with a diet change have helped me lose 20 pounds and keep it off. I am in better shape and I have more energy. The greatest part about it is how much fun I have. The cardio and other exercises are worked into the classes in way that you sometimes don’t even know you are working out.

The instructors and coaches are all really great. Each one brings their own little tricks and techniques that they offer to you as another thing to add to your tool box. It is great to have a few of the instructors that have fight experience teaching because they have used these techniques in live scenarios and can teach from a position of experience. I like hearing “When I got in that position this is how I got out of it.” Or “I was fighting this guy who pulled this technique on me and I never saw it coming.” It all helps when you are sparring or imagining yourself in a scenario and how you can adapt and overcome your opponent.

The last thing about Dragon Gym I like is also the most important part. There is a real sense of family. The instructors actually know all the students names and will make themselves available after class to help you correct your form or demonstrate how to properly wrap your hands. Also it goes beyond the gym, last August I was at class when I was informed that my son had fallen and was being rushed to the E.R. Coach Lonnie called me the next day to see how my son was. That means a lot to me and shows me that Dragon Gym isn’t just a place that cares about you for the time that you are there, but also cares about you for the time you are not there. I could go on about what I like about Dragon Gym but why ruin it, come see for yourself.

Kate Klinkert — Exton, PA

My training at Dragon Gym has significantly improved multiple areas of my life. The focus and discipline that we are taught in class transcend beyond Muay Thai and have made me more regimented and efficient in both my academic and work life. We are taught that pushing ourselves just a little bit further each class is what will lead us to our ultimate success. After training at Dragon Gym for almost a year now, I find that I am going that extra mile not only in gym, but in other areas of my life as well.

The confidence I have gained from Muay Thai gives me a sense of security and independence that I wish all young women had the opportunity to experience. Muay Thai is extremely applicable to real life situations and provides tools to defend oneself against a potentially larger and stronger opponent.

I have trained in other disciplines prior; however, my experience at Dragon Gym has been unparalleled. The vast amount of knowledge shared between each of my teachers and coaches keeps me coming back and always keeps class interesting. Additionally, the friends I have made in class have become like a second family to me. The positive atmosphere of the gym provides a healthy release for when the stress of school and work feel like too much. I would encourage anyone who is curious about the gym to just stop in and see it for themselves. That’s exactly what I did close to a year ago and and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Frequently Asked Questions about Muay Thai Training
The Dragon Gym Muay Thai FAQ (DGMT)

Do I need any prior experience?

Nope! Our muay thai program is completely progressive – meaning we teach you exactly everything need to know in order to safely and effectively train Muay Thai. We take great pride in being a “technique first” based system. This means that our program is based first on safety and helping you develop perfect technique. Many people who take our many of the people who take our classes never done Muay Thai before, but quickly fall in love with it.

Do I need to be in REALLY GOOD SHAPE to start Muay Thai?

Not at all. When you join Dragon Gym Muay Thai (DGMT), you become part of something much greater than just a workout program. You become part of an incredibly supportive and encouraging community. We’ve literally helps hundreds of people of all shapes and sizes get in the best shapes of their lives AND learn the art of Muay Thai. Our system is progressive and will work for ANYONE who commits to it. You will never be expected to do more than what you are currently capable of, and unlike most other muay thai classes you will never feel embarrassed or left behind.

Do I need to bring my own gear and equipment?

When you get stated in our Quick Start Muay Thai program, we’ll give you a set of boxing gloves. That’s all you need to get started. At the Dragon Gym we have a full compliment of equipment: Thai Pads, Heavy Bags, Targets, Mats, jump ropes, etc… As you continue training you may want to invest in some personal gear like shin pads and head gear.

Can I bring a friend?

Absolutely! Actually, we found that beginners that start with a friend tend to get better results, learn more, and have more fun!

How Many Women Train at Dragon Gym Muay Thai?

Actually, a lot! The classes at DGMT have just about a 50-50 male to female student ratio. Muay Thai is all about the use of technique and is perfectly suited for females – a demographic we specialize in teaching.

It seems like every one that trains Muay Thai is really young, am I too old?

No way! Our classes have a range of age groups. We teach teenagers all the way through students in their 60s. We can do this only because our program is technique and curriculum based, enabling us to tailor drills and workouts to your individual needs.

There’s a lot of talk about technique and progression, I just want to learn how to fight. Can I compete if I want to?

You sure can. Of course we want to make sure that you’re proficient in the basics and have sound fighting technique first. Then you can join the DGMT fight team. We actually have to WKA world champs on our team and Head Instructor Lonnie Beck is a member of the WKA National Team coaching staff.

Do I have to fight or compete?

No. Not everyone who trains Muay Thai is a fighter. Most of our students take classes to learn the art of muay thai, gain some self-defense skills, get in great shape and be part of a supportive community. We take you as far as you’re comfortable going and will guide you every step of the way if, one day, you decide that you would like to mark a Muay Thai match off your bucket list.

Where is Dragon Gym Muay Thai Located?

The original DGMT is located at the legendary Dragon Gym Martial Arts and Fitness facility in Exton, PA. The address is 267 S. Whitford Rd, Exton PA. We are just minutes away from Downingtown, West Chester and Malvern, PA.

When are classes and how do I get more info?

We offer a variety of muay thai classes through the week. However, we start all new students with a free, no obligation orientation lesson with on of our Muay Thai Instructors. This will give you a chance to see what Muay Thai Training is all about and give us the chance to recommend the best program for you. Just fill out the form below or email: and our schedule information will be sent to you.

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